Cymatics - a term coined by physician Hans Jenny to describe the vibration of sound frequencies. In particular, I have investigated the instigations of this experimentation to understand how different patterns emerge in the excitatory medium, and how this relies primarily on the geometry of a cymatic plate and it’s driving frequency. Using this method as the foundation for my experimentation, I have created my own cymatic plate to play various soundscapes, with each developing a unique pattern in reaction to the sound. In turn, I have used these patterns to create a series of fabric prints and digital embroidery samples with enhanced tactility and sensibility.

Continuing this narrative of fabricated sound, I have re-appropriated fabrics into music sheets which act in a similar way to Lebarjan music roll perforators. The hand-dyed series of fabrics act as the sheet music, each having the ability to be read by a music box and as such, sounds are played back to the user. A Theremin sensor creates the sound for the display; thus allowing each individual to create their own pattern through sound sensors, completing the circuit making each print bespoke. As the single punch moves horizontally across the music sheet it moves forward and backward through the musical measures (in segments of the arrangement and counter melodies). Yet rather than playing traditional music, the score is generated by representing the sound through its component waves, and then reading those nodal sound waves as music.

Throughout my work I have produced textiles that exert new innovations through a combination of music, technology and design. Whether the audio is metamorphosed into the visual, or the graphic is transformed into the audio, music and technology are used in reaction to one another to unveil new tactile qualities of the digital. As a designer for the future of textiles, my aim is to encourage the importance of new technologies and how this can used to deploy sustainable design strategies. Using traditional methods of music writing alongside new interpretations of cymatics, I have been able to devise an innovative form of textiles that hold regenerative qualities at its core

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