Abbi’s practice focuses on the relationship between art and science and how it is positioned among existing boundaries, and how it can be used to anticipate peoples’ future needs and desires.

Her early work is focused on capturing sound frequencies visually and translating them onto textile through embroidery, print and mixed media. 

As co-founder & visual director of public-engagement venture; Senscapes - where neuroscience, art, and music meet. Her objective is deconstructing the scientific data by using cymatics (vibration of sound) to form visuals illustrating significant data findings within neuroscience. Overall, her moving image and installation works balance analytical thinking and creative intuition to communicate complex human experiences captured in current scientific and psychological research.

Her work is now orientated around live, immersive experiences where the data would be live streamed though video in a gallery setting. The subject of the data centre stage in the gallery now takes the orientation of moving sculpture and the audience becomes witnesses to this, giving exposure to data in an artistic way, brings new meaning to the findings making it accessible to a new audience.

In her spare time, Abbi manages Change Agents, a network for creative minds who have an active interest in designing for social change.

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